Paint&Petals is a unique collection created from Bridgette’s hand-painted designs.

Bridgette has been painting ever since she can remember. “As a child I was encouraged to work on artistic endeavors. If I saw something beautiful when I was shopping with my mom, she would say, ‘You can make that!’” Bridgette’s grandmother took her to art exhibitions. During summer breaks in college, Bridgette’s aunt provided an art studio and opportunity for Bridgette to host art camps for young girls. These supportive female role models laid the groundwork for what is now a female owned and operated business.

Bridgette painted through high school and went on to receive her Bachelors of Fine Art from California College of the Arts where she majored in Painting & Drawing and minored in Visual Studies. While attending college for art and design, Bridgette realized her true passion was creating rich visuals and usable products by overlapping fine art with design.

A majority of Bridgette’s paintings feature flowers. Whether arranged in a vase or found growing in nature, flowers have the ability to stop viewers in their tracks and create a moment of meditation and joy. Flowers symbolize creation and are the perfect gift for expressing an array of sentiments. The lineage of creation seen in flowers is mirrored in Bridgette’s art making. Through gifting luxurious and artful products, Paint&Petals aims to bring wellness and joy to all.