Patent Press

PATENT PRESS®GREETING CARDS feature the re-mastered patent drawings that accompanied actual patent applications filed with the United States Patent & Trademark office (USPTO). There are 300 cards featuring astonishing artwork representing patent applications ranging from iconic to fantastical and sometimes even ridiculous (Did we mention the invention of a watch for dogs to wear, that would allow them to keep track of time in dog years?). While these cards come blank, the greeted versions, all linked to the accompanying patent artwork, are most popular. The greetings range from sweet to ironic and hilarious. In fact, the funny greetings (and there are many) are unique in their delivery, reminiscent of a standup comic performing a set highlighting sidesplitting observational humor.

There is also a select group of the cards, featuring some of the more iconic patent drawings, which have been colorized. This is a painstaking process that involves blowing up the re-mastered artwork to 500% and colorizing every pixel. Re-mastering the original artwork takes about 10 hours per image and the colorizing adds an additional 10 hours. The quality of the artwork, along with the size of the cards, 5”x 7” allows for a card to easily be framed and converted into a piece of art.