Sempre Beve

Being Italian born, the line’s founder has always embraced timeless style, natural materials, and la dolce vita – the art of living well. And the European culture of objects made to last a lifetime is second nature to her. Sempre Beve products come in artisanal American-made cocktail ware that can be collected and cherished year after year. Their flagship Classic Candle becomes a chic stemless wine glass — the new standard for contemporary casual lifestyles. The smaller Aperitini Candle transforms into a versatile tasting glass, perfect for wine flights or signature cocktails at parties and weddings. The Hydrating Lotion and Liquid Suds become versatile frosted flasks for your favorite libation when you’re on the go. And their On the Rocks scented salt crystals come in a handsome dish that will enjoy a second life as your favorite serving ware for olives, nuts or truffles.